How to Hide Photos on iPhone – Three Handy Ways That Are a Lifesaver

10 Oct, 2019

How to Hide Photos on iPhone – Three Handy Ways That Are a Lifesaver

You are excited to show your holiday photos to your friend. Sliding your fingers on the screen — exhibiting the marvelous experience you have been through. But while passionately expounding about the snaps, all of a sudden, you revealed some sensitive photos. This is when you realize some things are good when hidden — your private photos.

We all have been through that kind of experience and at times it’s gnawing when our phone gets into someone’s hand. So if you are someone wondering how to hide photos on iPhone and keep those sensitive snaps confidential, this article will walk you through not one, not two but three simple ways to do so.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone – 3 Simple Ways

1. Hide Using Photos App
2. Lock Photos With Notes App
3. Digital Private Vault App

Hide Using Photos App

In case you are unaware, Apple provides an inbuilt option to hide photos in the Photos App. It’s quite a simple process, but there are two issues you need to be aware of:

1. It only hides the photos and videos — but you can’t lock them. 

2. The photos will be hidden from Moments, Years and Collection View but will appear in a different album named “Hidden”.

So if you just want to hide the photos from the respective albums in the app without locking it this can be handy for you. Check these steps.

  • Select the photos you want to hide in the Photos App.
  • Tap on the share icon.
  • You’ll get multiple options for multiple activities. Select the option of “Hide Photos” or “Hide Video” and your photos will be moved to the “Hidden” album.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

Check the next two ways, if you want some added security and lock the photos as well.

Lock Photos With Notes App

Apart from jotting down your thoughts and to-do lists, Notes App on your iPhone can also lock your private photos. Here’re the steps to hide photos on iPhone using Notes App.

  • Select the photos you want to hide in the Photos App.
  • Tap on the share icon and select “Notes” apps. 
  • You’ll get an option to save these photos in a new note or add to an existing one (unlocked one). 
  • Tap on “Save”.
  • Once done, open the Notes App, tap on the share icon and select the “Lock Note” to lock your photos. (For some old OS swipe left on the note for more options)
  • You may need to create a password if you are locking a note for the first time. You’re all set.

Remember, you have imported photos to Notes App but they are still accessible in Photos album. You’ll need to delete the media from album and empty the trash so that no one can see them while going through your albums. 

Now your photos are locked behind a password that only you can access. While this method gets the work done, sometimes it can get complicated. For example, once you have locked down the notes, you won’t be able to add photos to that note from the Photos App. You’ll have to import it from the Notes App only.

If you are looking for a considerably simple and feature-rich option, the next one is what you want to consider. 

Digital Private Vault App

Using Digital Private Vault is the simplest and most effective way to hide and lock your photos and videos. It is a vault app that allows you to store your important data, private photos and even confidential notes securely on your phone. All you need to download the app from the App Store and import the media you want to hide in the app. Here are the steps you need.

  • Download Digital Private Vault from the App Store.
    (It is also available for Android on Play Store
  • Set up your recovery email and the app PIN.
  • Now you can import photos directly from the vault or from the Photo App.

Digital Private Vault provides you with added security and features compared to the previous two methods. For instance, it comes with double-layer security that not only locks the entire app, but also the individual albums; private notes to lock import notes and passwords; fast wireless transfer, when you want to backup your hidden data on your computer. Check the website for more information. 

How to hide photos on iPhone - Use third-party app

Wrapping Up

So these are the three easy ways to hide your photos on iPhone. The first two don’t require you to install any additional app while the latter one provides added security, simplicity and features. Try the one that suits your needs. 

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